Immerse yourself in the unparalleled diving experience of the newest addition to Ventura – The Raptor! A quintessential joy of vacation diving is the seamless experience of beautifully appointed, modern custom dive boats typically found in resort destinations. Recognizing the significance of these conveniences, Ventura Dive & Sport's owners and divers, who have traveled globally, envisioned the perfect dive boat for exploring the Channel Islands. Enter The Raptor, brought to life in July 2006 by Newton Dive Boats in Slidell, LA, and designed with divers' needs and comfort at its core.


The Raptor is an impressive 46 feet long with a generous 16-foot beam; It boasts a spacious upper deck with seating, an enclosed main cabin for cooler days at Anacapa, and a satellite sound system for added ambiance. Cruising at just over 17 knots, The Raptor swiftly transports you to the breathtaking Channel Islands in about an hour! The aft deck and swim step are adorned with oversized rails, ensuring a seamless transition to the water's edge for an incredible diving experience.


Safety is paramount aboard The Raptor, which is equipped with an electronic diver-recall system and a DAN (Diver's Alert Network) approved oxygen system. Pre-departure briefings and roll calls at the dock and post-dive reassure you that your well-being is a top priority.


Say goodbye to the hassle of hauling SCUBA tanks, as The Raptor comes fully prepared with tanks of your choice – steel 85s (15-litre) or steel HP 72s (10-litre) for smaller divers. For added convenience, any additional rental equipment is readily available at Ventura Dive and Sport, steps away from the boat at the top of the gangway.


Experience resort-style diving right here at home with The Raptor. Diving is meant to be fun and convenient, and that's precisely what awaits you aboard The Raptor.