Originally dubbed Las Mesitas or "Little Tables" by explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542, Anacapa Island is situated at 34.004 degrees north latitude and -119.39 degrees west longitude, a mere 40 minutes away from Ventura Dive & Sport. Comprising three islets, the largest extends two miles long and towers 930 feet above sea level. In 1932, an automated lighthouse and beacon were installed, which are still in operation with some modifications for modern navigation. Designated as part of the Channel Islands National Park by an act of Congress in 1980, Anacapa Island contributes to a federally protected recreation area spanning 125,000 square acres.

Diving off Anacapa presents diverse underwater experiences, from deep to shallow and kelp to rock reef environments. Explore designated game reserve areas where an array of marine life, from Black Sea Bass to Nudibranchs, thrives. Outside the game reserve, there are ample opportunities for spearfishing and lobster hunting (in season). Ventura Dive & Sport has identified numerous exceptional dive sites around these islands, ensuring that all you need to do is dive in and enjoy the underwater wonders.