Marine Life


Often hailed as California's equivalent of the Galapagos, this region boasts a diverse marine ecosystem. With 27 species of whales and dolphins, including five species of Pinnipeds such as California sea lions and elephant seals, the area is a haven for marine life enthusiasts. Above the water's surface, the Channel Islands host an impressive array of sea birds, with no less than 60 species, many exclusive to this archipelago, below the waterline, kelp forests sanctuary various marine creatures, including Sea Bass, Garibaldi, Sheepshead, Lobsters, Crabs, Seastars, Bat Rays, Leopard Sharks, and more.

Seasoned divers often attest that exploring just one square yard in the Channel Islands can reveal more than the Caribbean. The marine life in these waters is accustomed to the frequent presence of divers and snorkelers. Operating within a temperate zone, Southern California experiences water temperatures ranging from 55°F to 68°F on average. Water visibility hovers between 30 and 60ft, with the best clarity occurring at lower temperatures. Dive sites typically range from 40ft to the surface, although opportunities for deeper dives within recreational limits are available. Many first-time divers in the Channel Islands are pleasantly surprised by the abundance of marine life, all within a 40-minute boat ride from the mainland.