Frequently Asked Questions


What's it like diving in California?
California is one of the most bio-diverse regions of the Pacific Ocean. In the Channel Islands alone, there are 27 species of whale and dolphin and countless numbers of fish, both common and endemic. Very few regions can compare to the interactive nature of our marine environment.

Do I need to be certified to dive in California?
No, At Ventura Dive & Sport, we offer the PADI Discover Scuba Diving Program. All it takes is a short introduction to scuba with one of our Instructors and some fun in the pool. After which we can take you on a dive to a maximum depth of 40ft/12m

What does it take to learn to dive?
A desire for adventure and a willingness to learn. Diving is a sport enjoyed by millions worldwide from all walks of life. Diving is well within your reach as long as you are reasonably fit.

How old do you have to be to learn to dive, and is there an age limit to diving?
The minimum age for certification as a diver is ten years old*, provided you're healthy, there isn't a limit. (One of our Course Directors certified a Divemaster at age 78!)

How often do you go diving?
The Raptor takes divers and snorkelers to the islands year-round every weekend and conducts mid-week and weekend night dives. We will take a maximum of 20 divers and a minimum of 10. Click here for Raptor reservations and information.

What courses are available?
At Ventura Dive & Sport, we teach all levels of PADI Programs, from Discover Scuba Diving to PADI Instructor Development Courses.

How do I sign up for classes?
Signing up is easy; just come down to the dive shop and speak to one of our instructors, and they will guide you through the materials you get to use and the equipment you'll want for the course you are taking.

Do you sell equipment, too?
Yes, we are a full-service dive operator with a well-stocked dive retail store, repair shop, and rental department. We sell only the top manufacturers and rent only the finest available equipment.

Do you provide food?
We have a rotating menu of instant provisions such as oatmeal, coffee and teas, soups and noodles, and light snacks like tinned fish and fresh fruit. We strive for our commitment to being eco-friendly by trying to stay away from single-use plastics and utilize ocean-friendly packaging featuring a variety of high-quality, nutritious refreshment options for you.