Wet Suits

It's no fun to be cold and that’s true whether you're diving in the Cayman Islands or at the Channel Islands off the California coast. The good news is that you can be warm in either location if you dress properly with the right exposure suit. Wetsuits come in a variety of styles and thickness, ranging from super thin .5 millimeter skins to suits offering a thickness of over 8 millimeters. Today’s wetsuits are made from super-flexible neoprene and generally have some method of heat retention built into them to make them more efficient.

Locally we use 5mm to 8mm suits. Generally the thicker the suit, the warmer it will be, and with innovations such as linings containing merino wool or titanium, and the comfort of high stretch fabrics the more comfortable they tend to be. We have a wide variety of suits from such manufacturers as Pinnacle, Xcel, Cressi Sub and Aqua Lung. So, whether you are diving the Channel Islands with us or you are bound for a warm-water getaway, Ventura Dive & Sport can meet your needs.

Remember, the water may be cool, but it's always summer on the inside of a properly fitting wetsuit!

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