As with everything we do at Ventura Dive and Sport, we take great pride in all the types of equipment we sell. We take particular care in the area of instrumentation, whether it is a simple analog gauge or a sophisticated dive computer. We are here to ensure that the product you select best meets your current and future needs. For most divers new to scuba diving, the dive computer is often the very first purchase they make after their Open Water class and we want to make it a sound investment.

We offer computers from top manufacturers such as Suunto (Aqualung) and Uwatec (Scubapro) so there is no chance of getting a "bad" computer. Modern dive computers all offer acurate depth and bottom time readings while monitoring the levels of nitrogen and oxygen that your body absorbs or is subjected to during a dive. Some will even read your tank pressure and heart rate… some models even allow you to monitor the tank pressure of your buddy's tank! So, whether you prefer a wrist-mounted model or a computer in a console with a compass, the variety offered at Ventura Dive & Sport is second to none.

Naturally, traditional analog (dial-type readout) gauges mounted in consoles are always available and are the most economical way to aquire accurate depth and tank pressure information. Often these are combined to include a compass for easy underwater navigation.

Whatever your current needs may be, we have a system to fit them!

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