The BCD or Buoyancy Control Device has come a long way from its humble horse-collar beginnings or "May West" design. In the late 1980's and early 1990's we saw the advent of BCDs designed just for women and BCDs that made the weightbelt virtually obsolete. It is important to remember that the BCD is an integral part of your overall life support system both underwater and at the surface. Proper fit and features are crucial.

The majority of BCDs today are weight-integrated meaning the weights are kept inside the BCD in quick-release pouches. This is a far more convenient and comfortable method as a opposed to the traditional weight belt. Additionally, you'll find most are front-adjustable (like a backpack) and either inflate in the rear in a wing style or a combination wrap-around jacket-like design.

At Ventura Dive and Sport you'll find a great selection of styles and models of BCDs by numerous manufacturers such as Scubapro, Aqua Lung/SeaQuest and TUSA. There is a style and fit for everyone. One big advantage of shopping for a new BCD at Ventura Dive & Sport is that you can use our pool to get familiar with your new BCD; learn how to adjust it, get your weights dialed in and spend some time getting familiar with the various adjustments designed to customize the fit for just one person…you!

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