Mask, Snorkel and Fins

Imagine driving down the road in a car without windows to see through or, better yet, try driving a car with no engine. You probably wouldn't do either of these things, but if you did it probably wouldn't be a lot of fun. Scuba diving without a properly fitting mask and snorkel, or fins which don't offer adequate propulsion is a lot like that windowless car. Equipment is what makes diving and snorkeling possible, not to mention fun.

A mask needs to fit your face in order to create a seal between your eyes and the water so that you can see. An ill fitting or poorly constructed mask will leak, causing you to constantly clear the mask throughout your dive. Poorly made "cheap" masks in many cases were never designed to work in a diving environment to begin with. A proper mask is made from surgical-grade silicone and tempered glass, and has a low internal volume. Our professional staff will direct you to our extensive mask and snorkel wall and help you find the best one for you.

SCUBA fins are an important piece of safety equipment as they are your main form of propulsion in water. Fins come in a variety of styles from "Split Fins" to "Paddle Fins". In either case, the correct fin for you will depend on your diving style, physical fitness level, and of course comfort!

Other pieces of personal dive gear may include gloves, a hood to keep your head warm or a hooded vest. There are slates for underwater communication, noise makers to gain attention with others underwater and spare parts kits. Your Ventura Dive & Sport professional dive staff will point you in the right direction, whatever your needs. They are always eager to assist you in any way possible.

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