Santa Cruz

This island has been occupied for at least 10,000 years! For archaeologists this island is a treasure trove. Located at 34.0043 north latitude -119.771 longitude, Santa Cruz was originally called Limuw by Chumash Indians and then San Lucas by Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo in 1542. At some point between 1602 and 1782 the final name of Santa Cruz stuck probably due to missionaries from San Buenaventura Mission. There have been disputes of ownership, sheep ranching and military applications dating to the Second World War. Today 24% of the island is controlled by the National Park Service.

Santa Cruz offers extraordinary diving. The island is blessed with countless coves offering protection from wind and weather, and as a by product excellent diving. In some areas urchin of every variety turn the sea scape purple and red, while other areas offer chances to dive with California Sea Lions and Harbor Seals. The area is either home to or on the migration route of 27 species of whales and dolphin and 5 species of pinnipeds. Whatever your diving preferences are you are likely to find them here.

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