Marine Life

Some have actually called it Californias' Galapagos. With 27 species of whales and dolphin, 5 species of Pinniped including California Sea Lions and Elephant Seals. Above water there are no less than 60 species of sea bird many of which are endemic to the Channel Islands. Underwater kelp forests offer sanctuary to a wide variety of Sea Bass, Garibaldi, Sheepshead, Lobsters, Crabs, Star Fish, Bat Rays, Leopard Sharks and then some. Many seasoned divers will tell you that you can see more in one square yard in the channel islands than you can in the Caribbean. Most of our marine life are accustomed to frequent visits from divers and snorkelers.

Southern California is a temperate zone with water temperatures ranging from 55f to 68f on average. Water visibility averages between 30ft and 60ft with the very best visibility when the water is at lower temperatures. Most dive sites are between 40ft and the surface, but deeper dives are available within recreational limits. Most divers new to diving the Channel Islands are pleasantly surprised by the abundance of marine life a short 40 minute boat ride from the mainland.

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